Recent Visits to Poultry/Beef Processing Plants

There is such a difference between the poultry plant that my GSCI 101 class visited almost two weeks ago and the beef plant we just had the opportunity to visit. The first difference, you couldn’t smell the beef processing plant from miles away. The second, and most important difference was that this plant, the locally owned T & E Meats, slaughters it’s animals humanely and on a much smaller scale than the poultry cooperative we visited weeks ago.

I am working on finding links to various articles from my GSCI class because they explain factory farming and the environmental, health, and humanitarian problems that occur as a result of large-scale factory farming much better than I can in these brief posts….

Personally, after seeing how the animals are treated and the stark difference from plant to plant, I would much rather have the locally owned, killed, processed, packaged meat and poultry. Not only is the money staying within the region in which the food is raised and slaughtered, but it is more than that for me. If we start to see our food in only the plastic bags or containers that is comes in at the store, we are disconnected and we do not really respect what we are eating. I want the guy who has 40 years of butchering experience and looks like he is from Green Bay, Wisconsin killing and processing my meat, thank you very much. That was my experience from T & E Meats and I wish I could have seen the turkeys and chickens (and WORKERS, for that matter) at the other plant treated with the same respect.

I am working now to find and post a google video link to the documentary Food Inc. It is very good and available for free on Netflix if you have a subscription. I will post a link that can be accessed for everyone shortly

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