Is Joel Salatin a cow/hog farmer or a farmer of men?

Obviously a joke but here is a line by Mr Salatin from the wonderful documentary Food Inc:

“A culture that just uses a pig as a pile of protoplasmic inanimate structure, to be manipulated by whatever creative design the human can foist on that critter, will probably view individuals within its community, and other cultures in the community of nations, with the same type of disdain and disrespect and controlling type mentalities.”

Preach! But really, doesn’t that make sense? Shouldn’t we know AND respect where our food comes from? Wouldn’t it make you more connected to the world around you?

Anyway I am no preacher but, here is a link to the documentary Food Inc. It is a megavideo link so it might take a minute to load. You can view in fullscreen by going through the options near the bottom of the video screen. Also, as with all megavideo links, you can only watch 72 minutes of video before they make you take a 30 minute break. Why not use this brief window of time to get in some cardio or eat some fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole 90 minutes, the first 8-9 are a good summary of how and why we eat what we eat in this country. It also sheds some light on how this is not a sustainable way of eating. For all who just ate lunch or are easily grossed out, minutes 21-24 are disturbing. It is not for spectacle. It shows how we have altered the way in which our animals eat and grow. I just wouldn’t recommend eating during this part of the film.

P.S. Look out for Mr. Salatin with his awesome coke-bottle glasses. He is one of the 2-3 farmers who supplies pigs and cows to T&E Meats locally here in Harrisonburg. Remember this line while viewing minutes 21-24:

“I’m always struck by how successful we have been at hitting the bull’s-eye of the wrong target. I mean we have learned- for example, in cattle we have learned how to plant, fertilize and harvest corn using global positioning satellite technology, and nobody sits back and asks, “But should we be feeding cows corn?” We’ve become a culture of technicians. We’re all into the how of it and nobody’s stepping back and saying “But why?

I am leaning more towards prophet.

Food Inc

^^^^  click on above link to view documentary


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