You’ve got to give credit where credit is due and this website is everything I ever wanted there to be (for this blog assignment). I mean, haters gonna hate, slaters gonna slate. I wish I had just come up with it first.

Just tool around on the site for a few minutes and find out where most of our cattle, hogs, dairy, broilers (their term for chicken/turkeys I assume), and eggs are being produced. This also shows if you narrow your searches, just how concentrated these businesses are.

Select cattle in the subcategories box. You will see that most of the cattle raising is occurring in the midwest:

clltle raised in the United States






And here we have the data for Rockingham County… Play around with the tools on the website and see where factory farming is or is not occurring around your home town.




Many of the options you choose to show or not to show will indicate how clustered our food production has become. Take a look at cattle raised in an area like Tar Heel North Carolina. On a windy day, I’m surprised we can’t smell that place.

Nothing should be this centralized and controlled my so few. We learn this in Monopoly as children don’t we? Once some idiot starts making moves on controlling all those orange, red, and green properties, isn’t it up to the group to try and TAKE THAT HEFFER DOWN (see what I did there? heffer= effer. HA)… Otherwise the game is over in an hour as opposed to the designated 30 hours a normal game of monopoly takes.

Anyway, suppose the industry were not so concentrated. Wouldn’t it be a viable and respectable career to be a meat processor and packager on a small scale? It would be like the 1950’s all over again minus the highballs and Lucky Strikes.

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