so Wegmans is definitely messing with us, right?

Wegmans is a grocery chain which has been growing in the Northern Virginia area for the past few years. I think I first heard of them about 5-6 years ago as a kind of offspring of Whole Foods and Costco. Well, apparently, Wegmans is in the business of telling people they should grow vegetables that they could easily buy from Wegmans. Not exactly the best business plan, but apparently they think it is beneficial for their customers.

According to an article online, one of the store’s representatives said: “it might seem surprising that a grocery store that sells vegetables would encourage customers to grow their own, but it was a natural fit for us… We’re about making it easier to put healthy meals on the table and about supporting healthy lifestyles for families, and gardening speaks to both values. We’re also pretty excited by what our growers at the Wegmans Organic Farm are learning, and want to pass along successful techniques to our customers”

Since linking to this article is proving to be the bane of my existence and making my brain hurt, just google “Wegmans grow your own vegetables” and click on the first link.

I personally don’t like Wegmans very much. They have small aisles in a freaking enormous store and also carry too many weird oat/granola-based products for my liking. Everything also seems to be this dull shade of brown/tan/beige. Maybe it’s the energy saving light bulbs. They do, however, make a ridiculously delicious and enormous sandwich for like 4 dollars so that’s cool. This is making me reconsider my whole relationship with Wegmans. I hope it’s not too late because I feel like me and you, Wegmans, can make it in this crazy game called life.

How about it, you and me, Wegmans? Now that spring is upon us, lets both grow our own vegetables. If I need any granola clusters, I know where to find you

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2 Responses to so Wegmans is definitely messing with us, right?

  1. annieldrury says:

    I love Wegmans! I’ve only been there while visiting in NY, and I’m happy to learn they’re in VA. I think they do a lot of “good for the people, but not for business” moves which I like. They actually completely stopped selling all tobacco products – huge loss to the company, big gain for customer’s health.

    • richaram11 says:

      yea I agree they do really seem to be progressive which most likely leads to their continued success. I had no idea about their policy with tobacco products that is good to hear. One of my friends worked at a Wegmans and said it was awesome and apparently theyre consistently a great place for employees.
      I just think the grandiosity of their castle/fortress is intimidating. And those aisles. Just bumping shoulders left and right doing that weird “go ahead” hand wave to everyone. But yes, there does seem to be a lot of “good for the people, bad for business” I hope they keep it up

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