Avoid YouTube and my blog topic

So I had an interesting morning trying to find a pro-factory farming video on YouTube. I’ll do you a favor. Don’t. If you feel like trying, get ready to hate yourself but at the same time, I would gladly accept submission(s).

Anyway, this video is definitely viewable by anyone and shouldn’t make anyone’s stomach too queasy. It is a video obviously made by Lopez Foods, the supplier of beef to McDonald’s for the last 30 years. I’ll tell you the poultry plant I visited in Harrisonburg looked a lot like this one. There was no elevator music in the background though.

Notice in the video how you never see where the beef actually comes from. Not only that, you don’t even see anyone cutting any meat off of the bone of a cow. I imagine they wouldn’t want to post that on YouTube but they probably avoided that part of the plant altogether. Seriously, if I didn’t know beef came from cows I still wouldn’t know after this video. Also notice how few workers you see. For the size of the factory slaughterhouse, you would expect them to employ more people.

If you don’t think Lopez Foods cares about the environmental impact of their business, take a look at their message about sustainability found on their website. I like the one about recycling plastic and cardboard.

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