Factory Farm vs Family Farm

Here is a nice breakdown of the issues pertaining to health, antibiotics, environment, animal waste, soils, hormones, genetics, fuel, transportation, animal welfare, and employee working conditions between family/small scale and factory farms.

This is the breakdown of everything I could really wish to put into a blog post, so kudos to the fine people over beyondfactoryfarming.org for their assistance in the creation of this blog post. Although this appears to be a Canadian website, the figures and issues still apply to our situation domestically.

Since it is a Canadian website, go ahead and drop the gloves and get right to the fisticuffs

The most intriguing things to examine on this particular website included the genetic manipulation of animals on factory farms. Animals are genetically modified so they appear, develop, and eventually taste the same as the rest of their cow/swine/poultry brethren.

Check out the whole website. You may be surprised at how unsustainable factory farms continue to be but also how beneficial small-scale and family farms can be to their surrounding communities

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