Vegan/vegetarian/ovo-vegitarian wtf?!?!?!? is going on here

So in my last post, I took a look at an article that was published by a vegan organization of some kind. I took the time to critique their article because I thought they were missing the BIG PCTURE of the food industry. Sure, it would be wonderful if everyone did not eat red meat, fish, poultry, or swine in the diet but this is what is often referred to as a “pipe dream” aka it will never happen.

side note- other things from our generation that fall under the category of “pipe dream” include: putting man/living on the moon, teleportation, and the male/female ratio at JMU will reach 1:1. These things will just not happen.

When I spoke to my sister the other afternoon she mentioned that she has switched to a vegetarian diet. I asked, “do you eat milk, cheese, or eggs?” to which she replied, “of course I could never go without eggs.” I think this sums up America’s thoughts as it pertains to meat, poultry, etc. You might be able to persuade someone to alter their diet lightly but people are going to eat whatever they choose. This is America, afterall

Later in our conversation, I insinuated that she was actually NOT a vegetarian. We then discussed the ridiculous categorizations that I have found within the vegetarian diet.

Now, I am not one to gloat, but I was totally right about her non-vegitarian diet. Take that, Nancy- who most likely wont even read this. But look at all of those options!!!

I mean seriously, vegans/vegetarians draw a definite stripe in the sand when it come to what you can and cannot eat. I guess division amongst this group is important but it demonstrates my point perfectly. If there is going to be this much division amongst a group that is dedicated to eating little or no animal based products, there is no way Joe Shmoe from Green Bay, Wisconsin is going to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian at the snap of someone’s fingers.

It looks as if I am a a flexitarian (semi-vegitarian) and my sister is a lacto-ovo vegetarian because she eats those friggin eggs from time to time.

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