Advocacy Event- With Photos!

Here are some wonderful pictures from last Saturday’s Friendly City Co-op tour. It was a time and a half so let’s re-cap the afternoon with a picture diary….

Here is an information table. Tri-folds, pamphlets, flyers… Good stuff- pretty much all you could ask of a good informational table

Here is an artist’s rendition of what Friendly City will look like this coming June when it opens its doors for business. It seems like they like the whole beige/green color scheme. I a’int hatin’.

Probably the only other thing you can expect from free (anything) tours- coffee and baked goods. I think I drank about half of that coffee urn. Impressive I know, but not as impressive as the baked goods which went so fast, you would have thought Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were in attendence

Here is the entry-way where the tours of Friendly City began. In total, I would say there were 5-6 depending on the length of the tour and how many questions were asked. The first one I went on was about 25 minutes but they became shorter. The man in the upper right corner, in addition to killing that ‘stache, was the main tour guide and really just a nice guy.

Here we have some JMU students (wearing yellow- cut him some slack, it was 10 am on a Saturday I imagine most other JMU students were face down in their pillow, yard, or jail cell). We talked for a long time and their friends are looking forward very much to the opening of Friendly City. Aren’t we all. Except maybe for the young lady in the corner who appears to be having a rough morning.

Where’s Waldo- I mean Mike Davis? Prof took some valuable time out of his schedule to stop by so I had to grab a picture as he was departing from his own tour.

Look at the size of this tour!!! I mean someone call the fire marshall!!! In all seriousness, there was a great turnout from the Harrisonburg community to visit Friendly City. Overall, I would say there were no less than 75 individual who took tours that day, which is great for us, and for them.

All things considered, we had a wonderful time at Friendly City Food Co-op which opens its doors as a full scale grocery store in June. If you are here next semester, come check them out and I bet you these walls will be filled with fresh, local, produce, dairy, and meats.

The man in the background in the video gave me some good advice. Pan slow so they can get the whole view. Slower. Is there audio? Explain what you’re seeing. Alright guy I gotcha if you haven’t noticed I’m using my iPhone here I’m not Martin Scorsese. He was very helpful in detailing future plans for the Co-op, helping others and drinking and eating for free like the rest of us. All in all, it was a good day and come on down when the shelves are full this June!!!

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